Ascentech is now Clutch Solutions


Technology and services to help solve todays business problems


The cloud comes in many form factors and means many things to many different people. We strive to listen to our customers’ needs and guide them in their journey to the cloud. We have several partners in this arena in order to offer our customers the right fit for them. Public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud are all available as part of our portfolio.  


Never has IT security been more in the spotlight then it is today. Breaches and attacks occur every second of the day. We help our customers find what they need to protect their business. Firewalls, anti-virus, email encryption are just some of the solutions we offer. 

End points and end point management

Ascentech offers tablets, laptops, desktops and any other type of end point you could think of. Those devices also require management. Ascentech offers solutions like mobile device management (MDM) and integration services to help our clients control their environments.

Backup and disaster recovery

Backup and DR are must haves in today's IT environment. We can help you choose solutions that meet your RTO and RPO needs, but also meet your budget. The solutions we offer can be as a service or on premise, let us help you navigate the waters. 



Each day more devices join the IT environment our customers must manage. This has created a greater need for a robust network to support end user access. We help our customer in the WAN, LAN, data center, WLAN and every other layer of the network stack you can think of. 


At the heart of IT are applications and the platforms that host them. We offer cutting edge solutions in server, storage, and virtualization. Weather its converged infrastructure, hyper-converged solutions, blade servers, rack servers or SANs we have our customers covered.                                                        


The world of software can be complicated. Each manufacturer has a different Enterprise Agreement or pricing schema. Ascentech has partnerships with many of the major software providers, we can help you find the right solution to fit your business.              

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